Legislature: Security Breach in Parliament Prompts Police Request to Meta for Information on Suspect’s Accounts and Deleted Page | B7N News

In the aftermath of the Parliament security breach, Delhi Police has formally requested Meta for access to the social media accounts belonging to the six apprehended suspects. The individuals in question were involved in the creation and subsequent deletion of the ‘Bhagat Singh Fan Club’ Facebook page, where they initially connected. Sources reveal that the police, in their investigative efforts, have obtained bank account details of the accused to scrutinize potential financial transactions related to the incident that occurred on December 13.


Additionally, the police have reached out to Google Pay and Paytm to ascertain whether any digital transactions took place in connection with the suspects’ bank accounts. Teams from the Delhi Police have also contacted the families of the accused to gather information on their bank accounts, seizing bank passbooks from the residences of Neelam Devi in Haryana’s Jind and Sagar Sharma in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow.

Among the six arrested individuals, including Sagar, Neelam, Manoranjan D, Amol Shinde, Lalit Jha, and Mahesh Kumawat, stringent charges under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act have been levied.

In a parallel development, the Special Cell team visited Manoranjan’s residence in Mysuru, recording statements from his family. The team focused on inquiries regarding the suspect’s bank details and international travels, spending several hours at the location.

Further details reveal that the Delhi Police managed to identify the shoe shop in Lucknow where Sagar purchased footwear used to conceal smoke canisters. The investigation is actively searching for the cobbler who assisted Sagar in modifying the shoes.

The Counter Intelligence unit of Delhi Police has approached Meta, the owner of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, to access the social media accounts of the accused. Specific details about the ‘Bhagat Singh Fan Page’ are being sought, including the number of members. Meta has also been requested to share WhatsApp chats as the suspects’ mobile phones were damaged.

To recover valuable data, the police plan to check the email accounts linked to WhatsApp numbers. Lalit Jha, identified as the “mastermind” of the security breach, reportedly disposed of mobile phones in Rajasthan’s Nagaur, leading to a subsequent recovery of fragments. These fragments are now undergoing forensic analysis to retrieve any salvageable information.

The suspects, influenced by the ideology of revolutionary Bhagat Singh, executed their act in the Lok Sabha chamber, releasing colored smoke canisters and shouting slogans before being subdued by MPs. The investigation is ongoing, with the accused stating their intention to convey a message to the government through their actions.

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