The CISF, approved by the Home Ministry, makes Rs 16 crore by advising 228 industries.


In a recent disclosure, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has not only safeguarded 228 industrial establishments but has also generated a commendable revenue of Rs 16 crore through the provision of technical consultancy services. This notable achievement was shared by the Home Ministry with the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, providing insight into the pivotal role played by CISF in both private and public sector establishments.

Responding to a query, junior home minister Nityanand Rai clarified that, despite the impressive domestic success, there are currently no plans to extend CISF’s expertise to international security consultancy. He emphasized that such an initiative is “not under consideration at present.”

Rai shed light on the methodology employed for calculating the consultancy fee charged by CISF. The fee is determined based on the government’s expenditure on the board of officers conducting the consultancy, with an additional 10% contingency charge. The calculation process takes into consideration various factors, including the number of employees, gross turnover figures in a financial year, and the geographical expanse of the industrial establishment.

Highlighting the widespread influence of CISF, Rai stated that the force is presently responsible for safeguarding 358 entities across the country, spanning both public and private sectors. This information, available on the force’s website, underscores CISF’s extensive reach and its crucial role in ensuring the security and well-being of diverse industrial establishments throughout the nation.